Fire Resistant Material | Heat Insulation Material | Insulation Materials | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM Fire Resistant Material manufacturer and Heat Insulation Material supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 5333 ,Insulation Materials,Fireproof Insulation,Fiberglass Insulation buyers around the world at Sun, 15 Apr 2018 14:15:55 -0600 Fiberglass Needle Mat <img src='productpic/ps_4lnc1485327178.jpg' /><br>Glass Fiber Needel Puenched<br /> Adiabatic insulation.<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> Firer esistancel good. </li> <li> With a variety of thickness specification, and may be affixed to a variety of aluminum foil, glass cloth, non-woven, ...... etc. <br /> For industrial, furnace, appliances, insulation interior materials, the steam locomotive's exhaust pipe muffler cotton, the hood fire off hot material. <br /> Shipbuilding and off of the roof steel plate heat absorbing effect is very good. The temperature is divided into 700°C, 850°C and 950°C. </li> <li> Thickness 2mm ~ 25mm </li> <li> Origin: Taiwan </li> </ol> Fiberglass Needle Mat Fireproof Insulation Material <img src='productpic/ps_i9b71485327262.jpg' /><br>Fireproof Acoustical Material<br /> Adiabatic insulation.<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> Firer esistancel good </li> <li> Fireproof, quakeproof, soundproof, heat insulation. <br /> Suitable for automotive engine room, roof fireproof material. </li> <li> Thickness 7mm </li> <li> ODM and OEM orders accepted. </li> <li> Origin: Taiwan </li> </ol> Fireproof Insulation Material Loose Fiberglass <img src='productpic/ps_k331485327338.jpg' /><br>Fiberglass Loose Cotton<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> Exhaust silencer cotton, </li> <li> Adiabatic, noise absorbing good </li> <li> None flammable. <br /> Silica(content over 50%)is main ingredient of fiberglass. <br /> None flammable, under a high temperature 3 hours to no distortion, no embrittlement. </li> <li> Light weights. </li> </ol> Loose Fiberglass Fireproof Fiberglass <img src='productpic/ps_rvq51485327539.jpg' /><br>Fire-Proof Fiber Glass for lighting fixtures and other products<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> Sound-proof, with a coefficient of 0.8-0.95 </li> <li> Fire-proof, with an absolutely safe temperature of 300℃ or&nbsp; 700℃ </li> <li> Adiabatic,with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.038 Kcal/mh℃ </li> <li> Applicable lighting fixtures and other products. </li> <li> Material: glass wool, besupplied faced with a aluminum foil. </li> <li> OEM/ODM is ok </li> </ol> Fireproof Fiberglass Calcium Silicate Board <img src='productpic/ps_7zgh1485327818.jpg' /><br>High - density Silicide Insulation Board<br /> <br /> Non-toxic, no heavy metals, and has sound insulation, insulation properties, suitable for building interior decoration materials, decoration, Factory roof, hull and the bottom of the car, the product color can be sprayed with different colors, meet the aesthetic needs and replace the heavy weight of fire Board material.<br /> <ul> <li> Can OEM service </li> <li> Density (kg/m<sup>3</sup>): 250 <br /> Thickness: 6mm - 15mm<br /> Size(M): 4 × 8 </li> <li> Origin: Taiwan </li> </ul> Calcium Silicate Board Glass Wool Board <img src='productpic/ps_d3ut1485327886.jpg' /><br>Glass Wool Board Paste Cloth<br /> <br /> Glasswool is a good sound insulator because the flexing action of the fibres absorbs the sound and dissipates it in a form of heat energy of such low intensity as to be virtually unde tectable.<br /> Glass wool board has various density and thickness, can be attached glass fiber cloth, can also be based on customer requirements open mode punching the shape of the finished product for factory internal noise, the engine room noise, air conditioning, refrigeration engineering, interior decoration, mechanical insulation.<br /> Characteristics:<br /> Thickness: 25mm, 50mm<br /> Density(kg/m<sup>3</sup>): 32 – 64<br /> Conductivity: ≦ 0.04 w/mk <br /> Temp: 300℃<br /> Origin: Taiwan Glass Wool Board Rockwool Sound Insulation <img src='productpic/ps_s4mn1485327991.jpg' /><br>Rock Wool<br /> <br /> Rock wool is a natural ore as the main raw materials, rock wool fibers made of high temperature melting, then add the different uses of rock Blanket Shop made of thermosetting resin binder and dust oil, plates, tubes.<br /> Rock wool board is a material of higher density insulation, sound insulation and the hot face temperatures up to 650 ℃.<br /> Mainly used for a variety of industrial equipment and industrial piping insulation, thermal insulation and silencers, power generation, oil refining, chemical industry, such as ovens, boilers, heat pipes, reactor, oven, fire doors, roofs, partitions, all kinds of machinery heat insulation material.<br /> Resistance to the song and flexibility due to the cotton fiber can be easily cut with a tool suitable for a variety of construction methods. It can&nbsp; Fitting aluminum foil.<br /> <br /> For rock Blanket or special specifications are required advance notice.<br /> <br /> Density: 60kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 80kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 100kg/m<sup>3</sup><br /> Standard size: 1200mm×600mm, 1200×400mm<br /> temperature: 600℃.<br /> Rockwool Sound Insulation Resilient Bar Soundproofing <img src='productpic/ps_i4q41485328137.jpg' /><br>Soundproof Bar<br /> <br /> Products for the high-density foam material, the gap in the car door, the purpose is to increase the tightness of the door, and reduce the vehicle at high speed wind generated by cutting sound, so that the car is not affected by the noise coming from outside to enhance the driving quality.<br /> This product can also be used for windows, sliding doors, table corners and easy to crash position to do crash protection, Increase the safety and comfort, the use of a very wide range.<br /> <br /> Feature: Elevate car room close and decreasing wind sound.<br /> Suitable for: Car door or car frame.<br /> Function: Soundproof.<br /> <br /> Specification:<br /> Product number: 1EU1 ~ 1EU-5<br /> Length: 12 feet<br /> Thickness: 3mm<br /> Width: 10mm(1EU-1), 15mm(1EU-2), 18mm(1EU-3), 25㎜(1EU-4), 30mm(1EU-5)<br /> <br /> Product number: 1EU6 ~ 1EU-10<br /> Length: 36 feet<br /> Thickness: 3mm<br /> Width: 10mm(1EU-6), 15mm(1EU-7), 18mm(1EU-8), 25㎜(1EU-9), 30mm(1EU-10)<br /> <br /> Remarks: There is glue on the back<br /> Origin: Taiwan Resilient Bar Soundproofing Fiberglass Muffler <img src='productpic/ps_jmse1485328297.jpg' /><br>Silencer Tubings For Automobiles<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> Exhaust silencer cotton, silencer cotton&nbsp; pipes. </li> <li> The temperature is divided into 700 °C, 850 °C and 950 °C. </li> <li> Thickness 3mm ~ 25mm </li> <li> None flammable. <br /> Silica(content over 50%)is main ingredient of fiberglass. <br /> None flammable, under a high temperature 3 hours to. <br /> No distortion, no embrittlement. </li> <li> Sound absorption rate is very good. </li> <li> Size according to customer needs. </li> <li> Reduce noise, but also isolated from the temperature, increase the useful life. </li> <li> Origin: Taiwan </li> </ol> Fiberglass Muffler Needle Mat Insulation <img src='productpic/ps_wfxv1485328360.jpg' /><br>Glass Fiber Needel Puenched<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> The use of a wide range, and according to customer demand custom thickness, width and density, can also be bonded to the surface of aluminum foil, non-woven or fiberglass cloth, size more choice. </li> <li> provide excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption. </li> <li> Specifications: according to customer's requirements. </li> <li> Thickness: 3mm-20mm </li> <li> Density (KG/M<sup>3</sup>): 100 ~ 200 </li> <li> Apply to silencers of automobiles, and&nbsp; metal Corrugated Roofing Sheet and with complementary building materials. </li> <li> Origin: Taiwan </li> </ol> <p> <img src="" /> </p> <p> <img src="" /> </p> <p> <br /> </p> <br /> Needle Mat Insulation Rock Wool Material <img src='productpic/ps_bst1485328425.jpg' /><br>Rock Wool Board Bonding Non-Woven<br /> <br /> Rock wool, in a&nbsp; basalt ore for main raw material.<br /> Specially designed for high-density fiber cotton, the effective sound absorption, the maximum temperature resistant to 600 °C, has excellent heat insulation effect due to low thermal conductivity ( 0.037kcal/mh °C).<br /> Inside a lot of long thin rock wool fiber, high porosity, so that rock wool products with high efficient sound - absorbing noise reduction characteristics.<br /> Suitable for&nbsp; applied&nbsp; for audio speakers, stereo rooms, dj rooms, auditorium.<br /> Remarks: Non-woven non-fire protection.<br /> Density: 60kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 80kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 100kg/m<sup>3</sup><br /> Standard size: 1200mm×600mm, 1200×400mm<br /> OEM OK Rock Wool Material Siliconized Glass <img src='productpic/ps_006j1485328594.jpg' /><br>Siliconized Glass Board<br /> <br /> Material is glass fiber and a variety of high temperature silicide hot pressing, no heavy metals, smoke-free and non-toxic, and has anti-moth, fire, corrosion resistance, light weight and other characteristics.<br /> In addition, and has a sound-absorbing, heat, insulation characteristics, applicable to industrial building materials, mechanical pressure pad, furnace , electric industry, spacing, chassis in&nbsp; the car, boat belly board, can effectively replace the wood, plywood and other flammable materials, for sound-absorbing, heat the best materials.<br /> &nbsp; <table style="text-align:left;" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="450"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p> Thickness </p> </td> <td> <p> Standard Size(mm) </p> </td> <td> <p> Density(kg/m3) </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p> 2mm~20mm </p> </td> <td> <p> 1220mm×2440mm </p> <p> 600mm×2440mm </p> <p> 600mm×1220mm </p> <p> 600mm× 600mm </p> </td> <td> <p> 250K ~ 600K </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <br /> Origin: Taiwan<br /> Siliconized Glass Insulated Jackets <img src='productpic/ps_cev1485328803.jpg' /><br>Insulation Jacket (insulation mat, insulation pillow)<br /> <br /> Purpose: Worker safety, Maintain Operating of machine, save energy, Industrial field: steel, petrochemical, machinery, textile, ship building, plastic, power plant.<br /> Optional outer layer of fabric Material:<br /> <ol> <li> Product Name: silicone coated fiberglass cloth. <br /> (made of fiberglass colth with specially formulated, flame retardant). <br /> Application temperature: 260 ℃ </li> <li> Product Name: Aluminized (one side) fiberglass cloth <br /> (very low flamibility or flame retarded) <br /> Application temperature: 200℃ - 230 ℃ </li> <li> Product Name: Silica fabrics <br /> Application temperature: 1000 ℃<br /> (fireproof, excellent insulating properties). </li> </ol> Insulation jacket Inside can choose the insulation blanket of fireproof material.<br /> Products according to customer size and temperature to order, or on-site measurement and construction.<br /> Origin: Taiwan Insulated Jackets Glass Wool Insulation <img src='productpic/ps_7r4z1485328910.jpg' /><br>Glass Fiber Needel Puenched Package On A Layer Glass Fabric Colth<br /> <br /> Glass fiber cotton blanket with fire, sound insulation, thermal insulation properties, none flammable, because the main component of glass fiber silicide (accounting for more than 50%), With non-flammable at high temperature for 3 hours, no deformation, no embrittlement.<br /> The heat source can effectively block and insulation, glass fiber high temperature, processing convenience, low cost, so the more widely used in industry.<br /> <br /> Fiberglass needle roller blankets are often used in mechanical engineering, many types of exhaust pipes, household appliances, industrial boilers and other filler, can be customized thickness, width and density, can also be based on customer-provided size or processing.<br /> <br /> Temperature: 700 °C<br /> Thickness: 3mm ~ 25mm<br /> Width: 1200mm<br /> Length and width in accordance with customer requirements.<br /> <br /> Remarks: Applicable to a variety of needs with insulation, fire, heat and other functional materials.<br /> Origin: Taiwan<br /> <br /> Glass Wool Insulation Glass Wool Material <img src='productpic/ps_vu9r1485329022.jpg' /><br>Glass Wool Paste Single - Layer Aluminum Foil<br /> <br /> Glass wool has a good insulation and sound-absorbing properties. If used to prevent the loss of heat, is the so-called insulation, cold insulation materials. If used to control the sound is the so-called sound-absorbing material.<br /> Glasswool can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications to provide safe and comfortable conditions by controlling heat loss or gain. Industrial aspects are also available industrial boilers, oven air dryers, heat liquid piping, steam piping, reactors need this material for adiabatic insulation.<br /> <br /> Characteristics<br /> Thickness: 25mm- 100mm<br /> Length: 0M-20M<br /> Density: 16 KG/M<sup>3</sup>, 48 KG/M<sup>3</sup><br /> Conductivity: 0.031-0.039 W/MK<br /> <br /> Remarks: Other specs are available upon request<br /> Origin: Taiwan <p> <br /> </p> Glass Wool Material Fire Resistant Insulation <img src='productpic/ps_qrts1485329138.jpg' /><br>Fireproof Acoustical And Heat-Insulation Tape<br /> <br /> Material is the synthetic foam products,with elasticity&nbsp; and&nbsp; good soundproof effect and insulated, heat-reserving, too also have bump-proof&nbsp; effect.<br /> <ol> <li> Automobile use <br /> Feature: Elevate car room close and decreasing wind sound. <br /> Suitable for: Car door or car frame. </li> <li> Other use <br /> Features: vibration-absorbing and sound insulation <br /> Applicable: to each jointing and&nbsp; filling, floor, such as roofs, doors and&nbsp; windows. </li> </ol> Distinguish Product: PE, EVA, NBR<br /> Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm<br /> Width: 10 mm ~ 100 mm<br /> Length: 10 M ~&nbsp; 20M<br /> Color: black, white, gray<br /> Temperature: 100-130 ℃<br /> <br /> Remarks: can be customized<br /> Origin: Taiwan Fire Resistant Insulation Heat Proof Insulation Material <img src='productpic/ps_hqc11485329268.jpg' /><br>High - Density Silicide Insulation Board <ol> <li> For industrial, building materials, fire doors, furnace panels, ceilings, partitions, the best car with the plate material. </li> <li> Adiabatic </li> <li> None flammable. </li> <li> Light weights </li> <li> We also provide OEM service </li> <li> Density (kg/m<sup>3</sup>):250 ~ 500 <br /> Thickness: 3mm - 20mm<br /> Size(M): 4 × 8 </li> </ol> Heat Proof Insulation Material High Heat Resistant Materials <img src='productpic/ps_pvuz1485329328.jpg' /><br>Silencer Tubings For Automobiles<br /> <ol> <li> Can be customized. <br /> According to product demand, production of different shapes. </li> <li> Used for locomotive silencer equipment. Can Designed to insulate, fire resistance, sound absorption, heat insulation is extremely good. </li> <li> thickness specification can be customized, and may be affixed to a variety of aluminum foil, glass cloth, non-woven. </li> <li> The temperature is divided into 700 °C, 850 °C and 950 °C . </li> <li> Thickness 3mm ~ 25mm </li> <li> Origin: Taiwan </li> <li> High quality and reliable delivery. </li> </ol> High Heat Resistant Materials Rockwool Acoustic Insulation <img src='productpic/ps_1bjs1485329388.jpg' /><br>Rockwool Paste Aluminum Foil<br /> <br /> Product features:<br /> Insulation, fireproofing and the production can be arbitrary cutting and convenient for construction.<br /> Excellent heat insulation function and excellent heat resistance, can reduce building energy consumption.<br /> Applicable to all kinds of large pipes, boilers,vehicle,hull.<br /> Can be produced in different sizes.<br /> <br /> Characteristics:<br /> Thickness: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm<br /> Density(kg/m<sup>3</sup>): 60, 80, 100<br /> Conductivity: ≦ 0.045w/mk<br /> Temp:500℃。<br /> Origin: Taiwan Rockwool Acoustic Insulation Ceramic Fiber <img src='productpic/ps_vqzo1485329545.jpg' /><br>Fire resistance, heat insulation is extremely good material, and may be affixed to a variety of aluminum foil, non-woven, ...... etc. <br /> It sees extensive application in such key industries as steel, petrochemical and ceramic.<br /> Not only that, but it finds wide use also for seals, for fillers of various composites.<br /> The temperature is divided into 1260 °C, 1400 °C.<br /> Density(kg/m<sup>3</sup>): 96, 128, 160<br /> Thickness 25mm and 50mm<br /> Origin: Taiwan<br /> Other specs are available upon request.<br /> <p> <img src="" /> </p> Ceramic Fiber Ceramic Fiber Material <img src='productpic/ps_kkyv1485329790.jpg' /><br>Ceramic Fiber<br /> <br /> Ceramic fiber blanket products are completely inorganic, suitable for fire protection combinations on roofs and walls, fireproof door.<br /> Because good cut, good production, light in weight and cheap, so it is one of the most popular products on the market.<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> Low thermal conductivity.<br /> Low shrinkage.<br /> High tensile strength.<br /> Good sound absorption.<br /> Low heat storage.<br /> <br /> Maximum Use Limit 1260 ℃, Secure Use Limit 1000℃.<br /> Density: 0.096g/cm<sup>3</sup>(6P), 0.128g/cm<sup>3</sup>(8P).<br /> Thickness: 6mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 25mm, 50mm<br /> Width: 400mm, 600mm<br /> Length: 7200mm, 3600mm Ceramic Fiber Material Asbestos Building Materials <img src='productpic/ps_vjbp1485329992.jpg' /><br>Rock Wool<br /> <br /> Building external wall rock wool is mainly used for building wall structure and concrete building metope thin plaster insulation system.<br /> <br /> Building&nbsp; roof rock wool is fire prevention function of the roofing system, can sound absorbing noise reduction.<br /> Use in Industrial plants, large stores, railway station and airports site. Product can arbitrary cutting, construction is convenient.<br /> Fireproof performance can reaction to fire class A1, low thermal conductivity, because rockwool is high quality fireproofing materials, can meet the energy-saving requirements.<br /> <br /> Density: 60kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 80kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 100kg/m<sup>3</sup>, 200kg/m<sup>3</sup><br /> Standard size: 1200mm×600mm, 1200×400mm, 900mm×600mm<br /> temperature: 600℃<br /> Asbestos Building Materials Fire Resistant Building Materials <img src='productpic/ps_uit1485330049.jpg' /><br>Glass Fiber Needel Puenched<br /> <br /> This product has fire resistance, good acoustical rate,the acoustical rate can reach 90%, the above is a good material.<br /> The use of a wide range, and can be customized according to customer demand for the thickness and width and density, can also be bonded to the surface of aluminum foil, non-woven and glass cloth, easy to install, Can be placed under the automotive and truck under the carpet, car hood, and with complementary building materials.<br /> Material: Glass fiber needel puenched + Aluminum foil<br /> Temperatures: 700℃<br /> <br /> Characteristics:<br /> Thickness: 3mm - 25mm<br /> Width: 1200mm<br /> Length: 900mm or roll (can according to customer needs, cutting the blanket to the required length)<br /> Remarks: There is glue on the back<br /> Origin: Taiwan Fire Resistant Building Materials Rubberized Cotton Fabric <img src='productpic/ps_nr4z1485330231.jpg' /><br>Fireproof Acoustical and Heat-insulation Rubber cotton (WAVE)<br /> <br /> Material is the synthetic rubber forming, pass ROHS.<br /> <br /> Feature:<br /> <ol> <li> Prevent all kinds of noise. </li> <li> Reflect the frequency of the sound power. </li> <li> Prevent plane quake. </li> <li> The material itself has fireproof function.<br /> (Fireproof level is UL 94V-0 level) </li> <li> Heat insulation.<br /> (heat-proof 130℃ ~ cold proof -58℃ ) </li> <li> shock absorption, soft, it is easy to cut and install. </li> </ol> <br /> Can meet the requirements of building materials and automotive materials.<br /> ex: Heat insulation material to be applied on car bottom and Rear car, soundproof and insulation for vessel, engine room walls to be applied soundproof and insulation, insulation material for factory and conference room walls, movie theater walls with soundproof, can reduce reflected sound improving quality of sound indoors and lowering noise, factory roofs to be&nbsp; insulation.<br /> <br /> Product specifications<br /> Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 25mm<br /> Size: width 90cm×length 120cm, width 120cm×length 10M<br /> Color: black<br /> <br /> Remarks: <br /> Can be arbitrary cutting and DIY so easy.<br /> The back of the product can be gummed.<br /> OEM /ODM is ok!<br /> <br /> Origin: Taiwan<br /> Rubberized Cotton Fabric Ceramic Fiber Blanket <img src='productpic/ps_k17q1485330605.jpg' /><br>Ceramic fiber is a ceramic fiber made from the purest of raw materials, which ard electromelted, air - blwn at high speed and fiberized.<br /> Light in weight and soft to the touch, ceramic fiber possesses excellent refractory and insulation.<br /> Applications of&nbsp; Industrial boilers, oven, heat liquid piping, need this material for adiabatic&nbsp; insulation.<br /> <br /> Density: 0.096g/cm<sup>3</sup>(6P), 0.128g/cm<sup>3</sup>(8P), 0.160g/cm<sup>3</sup>(10P)<br /> Standard size: 7200×600×6mm, 7200×600×12.5mm, 7200×600×25mm,3600×600×50mm<br /> Max.service temperature: 1260℃ - 1600℃.<br /> Origin: Taiwan Ceramic Fiber Blanket Glass Fibre Insulation <img src='productpic/ps_eam11485330752.jpg' /><br>Fireproof Acoustical Material<br /> <br /> The main raw material of this product is glass fiber,the surface is a layer of aluminum foil laminated glass fiber line.<br /> Uses To prevent heat dissipation due to high temperature components, glass fiber material can be 700 ℃ temperature, with fire protection.<br /> Can be affixed to the car's hood, can also be used to cover the mechanical wall and Cover the inside bucket of the Water dispenser,used as insulation, can reduce the temperature, in order to save energy.<br /> Products are light and soft materials, small cutting tools can be used to cut, such as utility knives, scissors, cutting machine, DIY is very convenient.<br /> Specification: 90cm*120cm*7mm<br /> Function: Fireproof, soundproof, heat insulation.<br /> Remarks: There is glue on the back<br /> Origin: Taiwan Glass Fibre Insulation Best Insulation Material <img src='productpic/ps_qe381485330858.jpg' /><br>Fireproof Acoustical And Heat-Insulation Rubber Cotton<br /> <br /> Material is the synthetic rubber forming, pass ROHS.<br /> Have fireproof self-extinguished, non-combustible and non-spontaneous combustible traits characteristics, flameproof degree UL 94V-0, can heat-proof 130℃ ~ cold proof -58℃, soft material with elasticity and high sound-absorbing rate, good soundproof effect, too also have bump-proof&nbsp; effect.<br /> Application automobile engine cover and body, vessel soundproof or thermal insulation, generator, compressor, exhaust fan, motor, machinery, the electronice, electric appliance, factory, office, stereo room, movie theater.<br /> <br /> Product specifications<br /> Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, 40mm<br /> size: width 90cm×length 120cm, width 120cm×length 10M<br /> color: black<br /> <br /> Remarks:<br /> Can be arbitrary cutting and DIY so easy.<br /> The back of the product can be gummed.<br /> OEM /ODM is ok!<br /> <br /> Origin: Taiwan Best Insulation Material Glass Fiber Mat <img src='productpic/ps_mup41485330937.jpg' /><br>Glass Fiber Needle Mat<br /> <br /> Silica(content over 50%)is main ingredient of fiberglass, with none flammable character. It is no change of phase under heat at 700 degree C.<br /> <br /> Glass fiber cotton blanket with fire, sound insulation, insulation and other characteristics, the heat source can effectively block and insulation, glass fiber high temperature, processing convenience, it is more widely used in industry.<br /> <br /> Features: heat, low thermal conductivity, soft, good insulation material, can replace the use of asbestos products.<br /> <br /> Fiberglass needle roller blankets are often used in mechanical engineering, household appliances, industrial boilers and other fillers, can also provide customers with the size of processing and production of different shapes (Special cuttings according to customer designs ), glass fiber blanket surface can be paste aluminum foil or non-woven.<br /> <br /> Characteristics:<br /> Density: 150 KG/M<sup>3</sup> ~ 200 KG/M<sup>3</sup><br /> Thickness:10mm, 25mm<br /> Width: 1200mm<br /> Length: 10M ~ 20M<br /> Temperatures: 700℃, 800℃, 900℃<br /> Origin: Taiwan<br /> <p> <img src="" /> </p> Glass Fiber Mat Cotton Insulation Batts <img src='productpic/ps_mpfm1485331189.jpg' /><br>Erase Quakeproof Cushion<br /> <br /> Used in automotive interior steel coating, such as car chassis, door panels, rear compartment floor, doors, fender and other.<br /> Can be used with other&nbsp; sound insulation cotton,&nbsp; can reduce the low-frequency traffic generated by the vibration and vibration.<br /> Soft texture, can be used with the sheet metal surface of the product paste, the construction is very convenient, available scissors or utility knife direct cutting size, In order to product adhesion, must be applied before the sheet metal does wipe clean, but also with the use of oil to remove stains, so as to avoid contaminated oil or dust, affect the viscosity and the use of effects.<br /> <br /> Feature: To get rid of or reduce the low–frequency resonance resulting from door plaque, chassis, lappet in the front or back of wheel, and cargo container etc.<br /> Suitable for: Car door, Car bottom&nbsp; and Rear car.<br /> Function: Waterproof, Quakeproof and Soundproof.<br /> Specification: 90cm*54cm<br /> Remarks: The product surface can be attached aluminum foil, DIY OK! There is glue on the back.<br /> Origin: Taiwan Cotton Insulation Batts Sound Insulation Cotton <img src='productpic/ps_jo5b1485331276.jpg' /><br>Car Bottom Asbestos<br /> <br /> From a variety of chemical fiber mixed needle rolling, light and soft, commonly used in cars, tour bus chassis laying, can also be used in mechanical equipment and furniture mattress packing.<br /> <br /> The use of the product must be the car's internal chassis clean and dry, in the laying of the chassis can be coated with a layer of strong adhesive, and according to the sheet metal&nbsp; homeopathic adhesive placement.<br /> <br /> This product is developed for the improvement of car chassis abnormal sound, which can effectively suppress the bumpy road section of noise generated by improved, and through the high sound absorption rate of the material, the chassis noise is not easy to pass into the car room, and then achieve the quality requirements.<br /> <br /> At present products have been widely used in large and small vehicles of the chassis and the mezzanine, interior decoration and equipment room equipment is also gradually in use.<br /> <br /> Feature:<br /> <ol> <li> Common acoustical effect. </li> <li> Non-plasticity. </li> </ol> <br /> Suitable for: Chassis in the car, rear car.<br /> Function: Quakeproof,&nbsp; soundproof, heat insulation.<br /> Specification: 165cm*195cm*12mm, 30M(L)*120cm(W)*7mm<br /> No glue on the back.<br /> Sound Insulation Cotton Asbestos Soundproofing <img src='productpic/ps_fxxd1485331337.jpg' /><br>Soundproof Asbestos<br /> <br /> Material is a single side foil scrim kraft facing fabric with a combination of fiber fabric, to achieve sound insulation, heat insulation effect.<br /> Commonly used in cars, buses, trucks, engine room, paste in the car's hood or large trucks at the bottom of the front to reduce the engine room by the high temperature, but also can reduce the temperature of the car room, to achieve energy saving, carbon reduction effect.<br /> This product also has the function of sound insulation, can isolate the noise emitted by the engine room operation, improve the driving quality. And construction is also very convenient, use the scissors to cut the required size.<br /> <br /> Feature:<br /> <ol> <li> Reduce engine noise. </li> <li> Good acoustical effect. </li> </ol> <br /> Suitable for: Engine cover, Car proof and rear car.<br /> Function: Soundproof, Heat insulation.<br /> Characteristics:<br /> Width: 120cm<br /> Length: 0.9M ~ 30M<br /> Thickness: 7mm, 10mm, 12mm<br /> Remarks: There is glue on the back<br /> Origin: Taiwan<br /> <p> <img src="" /> </p> <p> <img src="" /> </p> Asbestos Soundproofing Insulation Tape <img src='productpic/ps_obne1485331461.jpg' /><br>Insulation Covered With Tape<br /> <ol> <li> Maintain exhaust temperature and increase exhaust efficiencies.<br /> It can exhaust but not lower the temperature, also it can reduce the exhaust resistance, therefore have a good effect of exhaust. </li> <li> Reduce inhaling temperature and enhance driving power. <br /> It can install the air in the high atmosphere density without the influence of hot engine. </li> <li> Restrain the oil temperature to become high. </li> </ol> <br /> In addition to insulation covered with a variety of vehicles, can also be used for pipeline engineering coating, such as petrochemical industry, boiler piping, fan duct, insulation works, extremely extensive use.<br /> Material: glass fiber tape, temperatures: 500℃<br /> Material: ceramic fiber tape, temperatures: 800℃<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_8__"><br /> </span><span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_end_9__"></span><br /> Characteristics:<br /> Thickness: 2mm, 3mm<br /> Width: 25mm, 50mm<br /> Length: 10M ~ 30M<br /> <p> <img src="" /> </p> Insulation Tape